Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wichita Falls Divorce Consultation

It’s important to be prepared for your family law consultation. Divorces are a complicated matter, and with the right preparation you can help your attorney not only give effective legal advice, but also prepare to litigate your family case.

How much is a consultation? The Law Office of Bruce Harris is currently offering free family law consultations.

What to bring? Your family lawyer needs to know your financial situation. Debts, assets, liabilities, retirements, credit cards, student loans, mortgage payments, car  loans, tax returns are all important. You should bring as much financial information as possible to your first visit. Your Wichita Falls divorce lawyer will need to help you plan financially for the divorce process.  Together we will need to plan for how you can pay your bills during and after the divorce process.

What else? Any police or CPS records. If your spouse has been convicted it’s important to know the case number and location (county) of the criminal case. If you have emails or text messages you think are important bring those. Social media pages (Facebook, etc) are often useful in divorce litigation, especially if we are pleading a fault divorce (adultery, cruelty etc). You should not access any computer files without permission. Don’t hack into a computer to take information. Just bring what is available.

Who is going to pay for the house during the divorce? The court can make either party, or both parties pay the mortgage and expenses (utilities etc) during the divorce process. That means that the party not living in the house, may still be responsible for paying for the marital home in addition to child support.

What about child support? When will that start? The first hearing is most divorce cases is the temporary orders hearing. At that time child support is usually ordered, or agreed to.