Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wichita Falls Child Support Issues: My Ex isn't Paying Child Support. What do I do?

Many parents in Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas in Wichita County face the recurring issue of not getting the child support ordered to ensure that your child’s needs are satisfied.  You have court orders telling the parent who owes the money (called the "obligor")  exactly how much they have to pay, when they have to pay it, and where they have to make the payment.  Why is it so difficult for them to follow through with this?  Why won’t they just pay for the child that they too are responsible for?  This can be frustrating and often times overwhelming for a lot of parents.  Do not fret because there is a way to fix this issue.  You do have a form of recourse, as the Texas legislature frowns upon parents not supporting their children.

Your local Wichita Falls family law attorney will file a motion for enforcement on your behalf.  In doing so, the attorney can request that the court set the amount of the debt (called "arrearages") and order the obligor to start paying on that arrearage in addition to the current amount of support that they are obligated to pay.  This means, if granted, that an additional amount would then be taken out of the obligor’s check until that arrearage is satisfied.

Your attorney can also ask that the obligor be placed in the county jail and/or fined for their failure to pay child support.  Also, there are additional forms of relief that can be sought.  It truly depends upon the circumstances and what would be most effective. The most important thing, however, is that you need the money that is owed to your child.

If you have a case in which the obligor parent has an outstanding amount in child support, do not let another day go by without consulting with your Wichita Falls family law attorney at the Law Office of Bruce Harris.

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